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10/29/2007 - Daryl Loof's Blog

Daryl Loof of  Victoria B.C. is the president and CEO of what may be the fastest growing real-estate and development company in North America, www.globalpropertiesinternational.com


Daryl Loof pursued his post secondary education in political science at the University of Victoria in the late eighties. And since then he has strived to peruse a ever growing corporation in residential and commercial holdings. Spanning from Victoria B.C. to Windsor Ontario.  


Daryl Loof has developed a method of purchasing real-estate with huge profit potential based on the following formats


Global Properties International is operated from the beautiful Victoria , British Colombia and has many years of experience in this field. Our peers consider us to be experts in this field. We do our jobs with pride and integrity and have many satisfied clients.

Daryl Loof and Global Properties prefer to purchase residential apartment buildings in average to pristine condition, and they must contain at least 60 units.

Daryl Loof Global Properties often purchase buildings in depressed areas offering our company a chance to increase the equity in the property with time and good management.

All properties sought are for the sole ownership of Global Properties. on this page are owned by Global Properties.

Daryl Loof And Global Properties are not Realtors, yet we will pay a selling commission of 3% on properties sold for Global Properties.

Daryl Loof and Global Properties are currently considering only the purchase of apartment buildings malls and Hotels.

Providing the information you submit to Global Properties is complete and accurate, we can usually make a very quick decision on your building.

Daryl Loof is always available to personally inspect and make offers on acceptable real estate investments of any size.

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